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25 10 2011


Today is Lulu’s day. I brought him to the salon. He got a nice 14inches tube for his saddle, a new front light and his gears are now working like a charm.
I got myself a new helmet to keep me alive in this crazy jungle.

We’re all set for some nice drives. yeahhhehe. Hopefully the cats won’t grow any bigger so I can fit one in the front basket.

To Filipino filmmakers

6 10 2011

Philippine film industry is in decline, rather one must say about to die. Just by looking at the box office, we understand the golden age is far behind us.

Why is this happening? Why have we let Hollywood and other foreign films enter the countries without any limitations?
We have to face a sad conclusion to this: none producers would ever produce any “quality movies”, unless they risk a possible loss of money or a failure to enter Manila theatres for the simple reason their film may be too “deep” to sell. This is pretty unlikely to happen regarding the actual situation of the Philippine film industry.

There are three actors we can possibly blame: the producers, the audience and the governmental institutions.

I have come to realise, through many readings but also talks with relevant sources, that government is the first body I would replace from the big picture. The enormous taxes they implement on Filipino productions are just incredibly insane and reaches a point wherein I wonder how unshameful the government can still be. You blame, stop and steal money with amusement taxes from aspired filmmakers and discourage all these great talents to fully develop their creativity. You “leaders”, confortably seated in your government chairs and sleeping a good hour after lunch break, how do you dare regulating a film industry you don’t know anything about?

A good example to prove this statement doesn’t require extended research into your history of stupid laws and censorship. 1986, do you remember? An Australian production company asked you permission to film the people revolte? And you answered “yes, no problem, as long as you don’t cause traffic”! What is the meaning of all that crap? You allow foreigners to document an historical time in your history while:
1. your people will be the best to tell their stories and pass the message
2: did you know you have no words on a foreign documentary final cut?

It only shows how little you know about films. It is naive to think foreigners will tell your story and show it to the world. All they want is to make money out of it. Beside, if you don’t talk positive about your country, how do you expect other countries to say good things about you?

This is a sad situation.  As long as such obstacles ruin filmmakers creativity, neither the audience nor producers will ever change the way it is now.

Film is a medium that reflects a country health and level of culture/creativity freedom.

French culture is seen as high not just because of its country history but also for its art, especially in filmmaking.
To me, Philippine leaders seem comfortable to be seen as a low culture in the eyes of others -the world. They are being so careless about Hollywood and other foreing films eating the already “on the edge to die” industry. It is called cultural imperialism and this is disgusting to see leaders haven’t moved any finger tip to change this. There are many creative talents in this country yet some ignorants don’t support them for the sake of their “wealth” being.

I am glad to be a film master student at the University of the Philippines. Not that I will change the local film industry. It rather gives me the chance to witness the existence of professors, filmmakers and experienced writers who are not afraid to express their thoughts on these issues and blame the ignorants.

Inspired from the readings: Notes on Philippine Cinema, Reyes, Emmanuel A.

The Urian Anthology, 1990-1999, Nicanor G.Tiongson


25 09 2011


When I woke up this morning, the fan was off.
Few minutes later, I was called by the guards to close my windows. Strong winds blow the curtains and rain enters the living room. Typhoon Pedring is acting up right now.

There is very little cars and jeepneys on the street. Universities, schools and offices are closed. Life is slow and quiet today.


Some dudes at home don’t seem too affected by the weather though. Keep safe everyone


Cats on Chive

21 09 2011



… And that’s what you do with 2 monkeys at home: trying to get their image published on…

Jeep’ and film theories…

21 09 2011


Jeepney may show signs of interest into film theories.
Whenever I review, she sets her nest beside me and the books.

She doesn’t seem very reactive to the concepts of Nouvelle Vague, classical narrative or Neo-realism and often falls asleep. Let’s account this on a recent sleep deprivation.

She is pretty quiet too-she has never been a talkative cat-which is optimal to keep focus.

Thanks Jeep’ for being a good companion/sleepy review buddy during this time.

UP Diliman post office…

19 09 2011


While entering the post office of UP Diliman campus, I thought it was worth a couple of pictures.

A motorcycle, standing as an art museum piece, was “parked” on the right side of the room. The owner of this vehicule-probably a post office employer-may not enjoy walking to work. Quite interesting.

While filling up the address on the enveloppe, I noticed how old yet charming the table was.

Beside being and art and old objects museum, the view was quite pleasing.


In a nutshell and as weird as this post office seems to me, I loved the place. I could have studied there for the day. But well, employers may have questionned my presence here.

Oh. And the smell inside was quite special too. Remember the smell of old objects that haven’t seen light for years? This is it. A picture of this old looking part of the post office may describe it well.


I must apologize for the very irregular postings. I have been prioritizing my time on review. This blog will keep on going 🙂

Iphone… or not

8 09 2011

I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy S II, after selling my iPhone 4. This is quite of an awesome phone! Its screen is big and beautiful, the speed quite impressive, its shape slim and the phone itself light weight.

I’m sorry Steve Jobs but I will not go back to your iPhone. This revolutionary product has now nicer competitors.